Our stories define us

  • Alex Goharioon, Terracon

    I enjoy participating in this event, and our company, Terracon, is sponsoring it each year because it’s a remembrance of those we have lost to cancer and a celebration of the research being done to find a cure. It’s more than just a golf tournament. I participate for my sister, who is a survivor of breast cancer, and for my younger sister, who we lost to colon cancer. Cancer impacts all of us. It’s a way to bring us together to know that we’re not alone, but we will fight together to find a cure.

  • Ernie Brandi, Span Construction

    SPAN Construction has supported the MG2 Swing for the Cure since its inception 22 years ago. Participating in this event has opened my eyes to the effects of the disease, and the efforts being made in early detection, screening, and general awareness. I have personally witnessed many friends struggle with detection and treatment. Unfortunately, some are no longer with us, and I miss those friends!

    Let’s join together to support the MG2 Swing for the Cure and the Fred Hutch Cancer Center in the research and prevention of breast cancer. Together we can make a difference, and hopefully eradicate this terrible disease! I look forward to the day when breast cancer is no longer with us as opposed to our loved ones.

  • Andy Franks, Kleinfelder

    Kleinfelder is honored and blessed to have supported MG2’s Swing for the Cure Charity Golf Tournament since its inception. Everyone has been affected personally by breast cancer, and it is great to have an opportunity to make an impact.  We are proud to join every year with so many of our colleagues in raising the money and awareness crucial to coping with and eradicating this insidious disease.

  • Ron Perry, Wayne Perry

    No one ever thinks it will happen to them or someone close… then it does. After experiencing breast cancer in my own world of loved ones in 2014, it changed everything. Being part of such a great support family through Swing for the Cure, MG2, and the entire team of supporters, many of whom are competitors in our professional lives, coming together as one family with both financial and mental support for so many struggling with this disease is such a blessing.

    Before my own loved one’s battle, I was already an avid supporter, but during the battle and when the battle had been lost, my passion for this amazing family of supporters who drop everything each year to gather together and share their own experiences and provide support on many levels is something I truly wish everyone could experience.

    Maybe one of the best outcomes of this passionate annual charity gathering is that smile, hug, and look into the eyes of those here to help makes this event near and dear to my heart and the hearts of those I share this passion with and knowing it isn’t over when the event ends. All of us go back to our lives sharing the knowledge and passion towards ending this with those around us. This is so much more than a charity fundraising event; it’s a support group of caring people who put their all into ending this terrible disease.

  • Clyde White, PNE Construction

    It has been an honor and privilege for PNE Construction to Support the vision that Jerry and Charlene have with their continued fight against breast cancer. Each year the MG2 family and its colleagues join together in supporting the Fred Hutch Cancer Center through the Swing for the Cure Event so that we can continue to help and support those battling this terrible disease.

    It is our commitment at PNE to continue fighting with all of you for as long as it takes to cure this disease. Thank you to everyone who supports this wonderful event and makes it possible for us to give back to such a great cause.

  • Wendy Unzelman, MG2

    Every woman going in for their routine screening is thinking, “please be negative.” Breast cancer is a scary disease that has touched the lives of everyone I know in some way.  The years of attention on breast cancer research have truly made a difference in a person’s chances of survival. So much progress has been made because of people who stepped up and cared. Every year I am touched by the consistent generosity of our guests.  Raising funds for Fred Hutch Cancer Research has given MG2 the ability to support not only the fight but specific research efforts that help the under-represented population. I am proud to have contributed to this good work for the past 15 years.

  • Robinson Construction

    It has been an honor to support the Swing for the Cure event for so many years. We at Robinson Construction believe no one should have to suffer from this devastating disease. Many of our employees, clients, and colleagues have been affected by breast cancer in some way, and we’re proud to help support the research and treatments that will some day lead to a cure. We look forward to next year when we can be together in person, but until then we’ll keep fighting for the cause!

  • Southeast Industrial

    At SEI we are proud to be able to support the MG2 Swing for the Cure. In fact, SEI has consistently contributed to MG2 Swing for the Cure for the past several years, and here is why…about 1 in 8 US women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. Until ZERO women are affected by breast cancer SEI will continue to give to further the fight against this disease. Not only does breast cancer affect the patient but the patient’s family and friends as well. Many employees at SEI have been affected by breast cancer if not directly then indirectly. So, we see that as even more of a reason to support the MG2 Swing for the Cure. Breast cancer research has come a long way and the survival rate of this horrible disease has increased over the past twenty years, but there is still work to be done. SEI will continue to support and help fund the research for breast cancer until the day the disease is eradicated.

  • Charlese Jackson, MG2

    Being a Swing for the Cure volunteer for many years, I have seen how passionate MG2 and friends are about supporting early detection, treatment, education, and finding a cure for breast cancer.

    Everyone I know has been affected by this disease in some form or fashion. They either know someone who has battled, possibly still battling, or even someone that has lost the battle to this terrible disease.

    But I also know individuals that have beat it! And to me, that is a true reflection of how our dollars are helping and how the treatments are working, so for those reasons, I hope you will support.

    Although I’ll miss seeing your faces and your embracing hugs, I look forward to connecting with you virtually, because even during these uncertain times, the fight must go on! And together, we can still make a difference!

  • Jerry & Charlene Lee, MG2 Foundation

    In 1997 I lost my wife Patricia to breast cancer. She was only 43 and left behind our daughters Colleen, who was 9, and Kristen, who was 7. It was a terrible experience to go through alone. We made a decision to support Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center so that others might not have to lose a loved one, family member, or friend to breast cancer. Thanks to Mitch, Russ, and the staff at MG2, which has generously taken on the cause for almost 20 years.

    Your donation will go to help women in need of mammograms and treatment. Most importantly it will fund research to end this terrible disease. Please join us by generously donating to help save lives. Thank you!